Twitter apes Facebook with Suggestions for You

Twitter’s launched a new feature along the lines of Facebook’s friend suggestions, designed to help users find others with similar interests.

Bcause Twitter lacks the detailed profiles of other social networking sites, the company reckons it’s been too hard to find others with similar interests.

“With more than a hundred million users on Twitter, there are sure to be at least dozens of accounts out there that will reflect your interests. The trouble is finding all of them,” says the company on its blog.

The suggestions are based on an algorithm based primarily on who people are currently following and who they in turn follow. It will also look for shared interests such as movies or food.

Suggestions for You will appear under the Find People heading. “If you like a suggestion, click ‘follow’; if you don’t, click ‘hide’, and we’ll try not to suggest that user again,” Twitter says.

“In addition, you will begin to see recommendations for similar users when you view another account’s profile. If you’re interested in a particular user, you might be interested in these other accounts as well.”

Twitter will shortly launch an API allowing developers to provide the same suggestion features in desktop, mobile and web applications.

The move will no doubt boost Twitter’s traffic to even more dizzying heights – the company says that over the weekend it handled the world’s 20 billionth tweet.