Travelers Twitter their way back home

Travelers stranded by the effects of the Icelandic volcano are turning to social media to get themselves home.

With planes grounded indefinitely in many European cities, tens of thousands of passengers are having to look to unconventional ways of getting home. While many people are sorting out lifts informally, several Facebook and Twitter groups have been set up specifically to arrange car-sharing.

CarpoolEurope has been organised by a Swedish group, offering help to stranded strangers. “A Finnish bus riding from Tallinn to Paris NOW. Call or text the driver,” reads one message.

“Paris-Stockholm on wednesday or thursday!! I look for 1-2 persons who would like to go by car (Renault Laguna or Renault Scenic). I plan to take the ferry between Travemunde-Trelleborg. Answer me in french, english or swedish!” offers another.

When Volcanoes Erupt has specific groups for people stranded in different regions, including Italy, New York and even Shanghai. Contributors are offering accommodation and local information as well as transport.

Twitter users are turning to #getmehome for car shares, and to #putmeup for emergency accommodation. Many kind people are offering a free bed to stranded strangers – although others are looking for high prices.

One Twitter group calling itself Calais Rescue managed to organise a small boat to get travelers across the English Channel.