The buzz on Buzz: it’s mostly bots

Google Buzz is ‘a robot party’, according to web engagement monitor PostRank, which says almost 90 percent of content comes from bots.

The company says that an extraordinary 62 percent of Buzz content comes from Twitter, thanks to the way many users hook up their accounts to automatically repost content through FriendFeed or other services.

And the next largest source is automated alerts from feeds, which represents another 26 percent.

“All in all, those two sources account for almost 90 percent of the Buzz stream, and even in the remainder there is a long tail of Google Latitude updates,, and others,” says PostRank’s Ilya Grigorik.

“Unfortunately, there just doesn’t seem to be much original and/or human-generated content in Buzz. Perhaps you shouldn’t hurry to install that Buzz button on your site just yet…”

With the fledgling service just ten weeks old, it’s perhaps early days to pronounce a verdict. It might even be argued that, in such a short time-frame, to have 11 percent original content isn’t actually that bad.

Nevertheless, concludes PostRank, “The quality of the Buzz feeds is, well, questionable.”