The AdLock Ad Blocker

The AdLock is an ad blocker that has the ability to selectively filter all those annoying ads that web pages have.

AdLock can identify ads in flash, banners and annoying floating images based on the URL they link to, the type of image and even the CSS selector they have. Any resource on the web that matches a particular URL will be filtered by the AdLock and will not be downloaded at all. So, this program not only allows us to rest our eyes thanks to the removal of so many annoying ads, but also saves memory and bandwidth on your device. This fantastic ad blocker also blocks ads on video websites, so when you’re watching, for example, YouTube, you’ll be able to save a lot of time by not having to waste it watching video ads.

Enable AdLock Ad Blocker

Once you have downloaded and installed the AdLock, you only have to activate it. You can then choose between one or more available filter lists based on the language of the websites you usually visit. Filter lists will be updated periodically and automatically to filter the latest ads that appear in the market.

In the case that the predefined filter lists are not filtering all the ads, you can use a custom filter list to add your own filtering rules. If there are some websites where you want to see the ads anyway, you can add these domains to the list of allowed domains, so AdLock will not block any ads on those web pages.

What happens if the ad blocker blocks something I want to see?

From time to time, the AdLock can block by mistake the actual content you want to see or you simply want to see the ads on a particular website. The easiest solution is to turn off the ad blocker for this particular domain. However, in some cases this may not solve the problem, since the blocked elements may come from a completely different domain. If you are really frustrated with this topic you are always able to get in touch with AdLock support to get help. AdLock has a large customer service department they answer quickly and encourage customers who help them improve their product.

The AdLock is, without a doubt, one of the best tools available to Internet users when surfing the Internet or playing games without worrying about the large amount of advertising flashing here and there. If what you want is to focus directly on the information that interests you and avoid all that annoying publicity of the websites, then this ad blocker is what you need to install on your smartphone or computer.

Are There Any Benefits In Advertising Blockers?

A study has revealed that advertising blockers in web browsers can reduce data consumption by up to 25%.

Websites that offer their information for free to users are maintained thanks to advertising revenues, but this can have a significant cost in resources. To address this problem, there are advertising blockers such as AdLock, and, now, a study has shown the benefits of this type of tool. According to this work, prepared by the University of Simon Fraser (Canada), anti-advertising applications can reduce the consumption of data from a computer to 25%. When it comes to video ads, this reduction can reach 40%, emphasizes Fayer Wayer.

The authors of the study consider that this discovery could suppose an important economic saving for educational centers and companies, because, when reducing the consumption of data, the costs of energy, maintenance and traffic of the network are reduced.