TG Daily excommunicated by Mozilla

Our magazine has been cast into outer darkness by Mozilla, following an opinion piece by Andrew Thomas that has attracted the ire of the inner councils at the organization.

In a missive to TG Daily, a representative said: “Mozilla has decided to remove TG Daily from further outreach.”

Outreach is an interesting word – it makes it seems as though Mozilla is imbued with missionary zeal ready to convert us hack savages to the only true and right cause.

Now, actually I am a Mozilla browser user, I’m perfectly happy with it and refuse to get involved in religious wars about a bit of software. Andrew Thomas’ piece was opinion – clearly labelled. Andrew has opinions about a lot of things, we labelled his stuff at the INQUIRER as the “Voice of Reason”, simply because he can be very very unreasonable.

But we defend his right to have a point of view right to the hilt. His piece, though controversial, was his opinion. A magazine, to be interesting, needs a mixture of news, reviews, features, and opinions.

We hope Mozilla sees that. Andrew’s opinion piece is here.