TelCentris debuts VoxOx universal translator

TelCentris has debuted its VoxOx universal, real-time translator (UT) at the 2010 Mobile World Congress.

According to TelCentris CEO Bryan Hertz, the VoxOx UT is the industry’s “first service” to provide instantaneous foreign language messaging translation across four major communication channels: text messages (SMS), chat (IM), email and select social media networks.

Indeed, the service supports dozens of major languages, and only one person has to be using VoxOx to have a two-way translated conversation.

“VoxOx users can also automatically translate and broadcast their Twitter @replies, as well as hold two-way translated chat conversations with social networking friends on Facebook and MySpace,” explained Hertz.

“Users simply opens up their VoxOx Universal Messaging Window (chat window within VoxOx client), select their language as well as their contact’s language, and then begin sending text and chat messages, emails or Twitter @replies to anyone in the world. The Universal Translator instantly translates the messages for both parties in dozens of major languages.”

Hertz noted that all language settings are customizable by individual contact and automatically stored in the cloud for future conversations.

In addition, the VoxOx UT is “completely interoperable” with major instant messaging services, including Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live, AIM, ICQ, Skype and GoogleTalk.

“Never before has it been so easy for people of different languages to communicate instantaneously. We expect this innovation to help friends, relatives and business colleagues better communicate and connect with each other,” added Hertz.