Tech industry pleads with China to abandon filter idea

A coalition of high tech companies is pleading with Communist China to think again about its insistence that PCs need to include filtering software after the 1st of July.

The Green Dam software is supposed to prevent the youth of China from being corrupted by pornography, but some fear its purpose is also to censor sites that might disturb the population, which is force fed government propaganda and prevented from accessing web sites the government doesn’t like.

The Information Technology Industry Council, the Telecommunications Industry Association, Tech America and the Software Industry Association issued a statement today begging the dictatorship to reconsider its decision.

The consortium wants China to have a dialogue on parental control software to make sure freedom of expression and the free flow of information  is safeguarded.

Some hope.

China has denied that it will use the Green Dam software to prevent freedom of expression and that it’s just for children. People can delete it if they want, and it’s an option, the government insists.

Which means that the Chinese government will probably just carry on censoring web sites it doesn’t care for.

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