Switch from Microsoft Exchange says Google

Google wants you to ‘exchange’ your Microsoft Exchange software for its own Google apps, and is making it ever easier to make the switch with a new Google Apps Migration service.

The blatant attack on Microsoft gives Google’s cloud based offerings a boost up the ladder of popular acceptance, making it much simpler for IT admins to switch users from Exchange to Google Apps. 

It now apparently takes frazzled admins just an hour to move over 200 users from Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007, email accounts, calendars, contacts et all. Well, except tasks lists and journal entries, which it can’t migrate yet.

Of course you’ll have to be a Google Apps Premier Edition customer or an accredited educator to take advantage of the service though.

Apparently Google Apps already has 25 million users, but compared to the sheer amount of people using the Redmond giant’s products, it’s hardly a dent. The Apps migrator, however, may just provide the hammer needed to smash Microsoft’s windshield.

Google has another migrator to shlep users over from IBM’s Lotus Notes/Domino to Google Apps.

Looks like the search engine giant has found yet another finger to stick in other companies’ lucrative service pie.