Steve Ballmer hallelujahs Windows 7

Delightfully understated Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has finally lifted the lid on how well Windows 7 sales have been doing.

Previously Ballmer has only told the world that the operating system was selling well in Japan  which, although interesting, is not exactly useful.

Ballmer told the Microsoft Annual Shareholder Meeting that Windows 7 has been outselling previous versions of Windows, including Windows Vista, by a ratio of two to one.

While Ballmer declined to give exact sales numbers he said that the sales were fantastic.  He said that the operating system received strong reviews and would give Microsoft a “real opportunity” to raise its profile among a younger demographic such as college students, where the Apple device ecosystem maintains substantial mind share.

Ballmer also argued for the effectiveness of Microsoft’s ad campaigns, which focused on the relative inexpensiveness of Windows PCs compared with Macs.

Displaying a chart labeled “Windows Ads Are Working,” the CEO claimed that more 18-to-24-year-olds had decided that Microsoft products offered the best value over Apple. Generally analysts think that Microsoft might be onto a winner with Windows 7 and that PC sales could be quite hot in the run up to Christmas.