Software uses infra-red to detect damaged images

Kiel, Germany – LaserSoft Imaging claims to have developed the first software in the world to capture raw data perfectly from photographs and slides by using infra-red to detect dust and scratches on the original.

The company has developed a format that contains not only all image information, but also the dust and scratch information derived from the scanner’s infrared channel – the 64-bit HDRi format. The file then serves as the ideal starting point for further processing steps to clean up the image.

Traditional procedures perform infra-red-based dust and scratch elimination during the digitalisation process, making it impossible to modify the results afterwards. In extreme cases, this can cause fine image details to be lost forever.

The new 64-bit HDRi format registers all the information of the original in its entirety while simultaneously embedding all the correction information in the image file. The company says this means the user can optimize all corrections at any time, reading the raw data as though he had direct access to scanner images.