Collaborate and create – Remote work essentials

When we talk about remote working, our immediate thoughts go to the software meant to manage a remote team efficiently – Time-tracking, document or work logging, automating timesheets and everything in between. We are bombarded with technology that is meant for the managers and bosses to keep a track of everything their remote team is up to.

However, living in a time when companies are most concerned about the well-being of their employees and their overall satisfaction, we somehow tend to overlook the contentment of our remote employees. And the popularity of management software for remote working teams, instead of technology meant to make their work easier, is a testament to the error of our ways.

Fortunately, there are software meant to help remotely stationed employees to make the most out of their working days and complete their targets without any technical hindrances. Let us move forward and see which are the software that make up the Remote-work-essentials.

Cloud storage software

While working remotely, keeping a track of one’s files and documents can become a hassle easily. Bulk sharing of data among other teammates, managing the editing rights, keeping backups, along with organizing your own documents, can get cumbersome.

Thankfully, to make things easier, there are a number of free, as well as paid cloud storage services available for us to use. Cloud storage is a safer medium to keep a backup of your important data and cloud storage services allow easy organization of files as well.

Virtual Whiteboards

These software are easily the star of the show when it comes to simplifying remote working.

Let us take for example when a client request comes in, a team is assembled and briefed on that particular subject. Then based on everyone’s role in the office, they are handed over the responsibility of a part of the assignment and in the end, someone is delegated to review the work, and there can be multiple reviewers, as well.

It is clear here, that when the project commences, there is going to be a need for plenty of back-and-forth communication among employees. And it is going to take all the technological tools available for establishing productive communication, let alone collaboration.

But Virtual Whiteboard is the software that makes, not only group communications but collaborations, highly productive and absolutely effortless. But how?

Online Whiteboards provide an all-encompassing platform, to employees, that takes care of the collaboration, communication, and creation of a project. It has functionalities such as:

  • Whiteboard: It is a scribbling surface for people involved in a conversation to be more interactive with each other. Much like a physical whiteboard in a meeting room. However, it also gives the user a range of drawing tools that can be used for advanced designing projects.
  • Audio Conferencing: Audio calls and conferences are crucial for teammates to feel connected with each other in order to work collaboratively and a web whiteboard gives the user just that.
  • Chat: When you’re working remotely, having your colleagues connected with you is very important, And a virtual whiteboard is all about shrinking the physical divide between you and your teammates to chat online and easily work together.
  • Document and screen sharing: While working remotely, we get to use specialized screen-sharing software which allows putting a digital presentation for our co-workers in an intuitive manner along with documents or notes sharing software.

    With a virtual whiteboard, both of these functionalities are merged into one, for a more intelligent yet simpler solution.

These Web Whiteboard software put together all the necessary applications of multiple software on a single platform and make working remotely a lot easier.

Task management software

Another necessity to take care of, while working remotely, is the management and movement of tasks and assignments among colleagues. All of us who have worked in a traditional environment one time or the other, realize how task handovers and work assignments can get complicated.

Taking the same example mention in the point stated before this – the complexity of a single client’s, single assignment, conveys a huge amount of work in terms of the movement of data and communications.

And, this can be easily messed up when our employees are working remotely. However, with a simple task management software, all this inconvenience can be avoided and communications can be kept well organized.

These platforms provide a clearly visible and transparent means to communicate all the task hand-overs, allow people to comment with additional information, update the status of a task, all the while recording a history of all the changes made, thereby, making everything accountable for everyone.

These gems of highly diverse technologies can help in organizing and managing the work of our remote, as well as, the in-house teams. So, if there is a way to do it easily, why not opt for it? Let technology help you to collaborate and work from anywhere in the world.