How to download YouTube videos & music with Airy

YouTube is by far the biggest platform which deals with video transmitting. On a daily basis, thousands of videos are getting uploaded. One can easily watch their favorite videos and every topic has an ample amount of videos to choose from. YouTube is just like a huge database consisting of videos. One can easily download these videos or they can use any third party software for downloading the videos. Well, one may face several issues when it comes to extracting a certain type of format from another format that is the extraction of the video file from an audio file or video. So if you are a MAC system used and you want to MP3 converter for YouTube then keep reading this article. Before proceeding, it is very important to know the entire working principle of MP3 conversion in Mac systems.

Airy – Perfect software for downloading videos on Windows and Mac

There are times when we are required to open a video on YouTube even when the internet connection is off. In instances like these, you will be needing software that will enable you to download videos on YouTube. In this way, you can easily avoid the advertisements which annoy you when you are streaming any video. So we all are unaware of such amazing software and that is why this article is all about the best downloader for YouTube designed specifically for Windows and Mac system.

Airy and it’s working principle

By using Eraser tool you can easily download the videos which are uploaded in the YouTube. It has been designed for the windows and Mac devices. This is a patch tool that will become accessible to you if you are paying an amount of $20 that will provide you with the access to the premium account. After making the Purchase, you will be given a license key which will enable you to download from a Windows or Mac system.

After opening the software you will have to provide this license key for accessing the services. After logging in to this software you have to select the URL of the video from YouTube and then go to the search box and paste it there. Now the software will try to find the YouTube video and once the suggestion is displayed you can easily download the video without any hassle and just with a single click.

Why Airy is the perfect software when compared to the other existing software in the market

When you visit the store you can find similar downloaders which will enable you to get the videos from YouTube but when you are comparing it with Airy you can find a lot of differences. So keep on reading the features mentioned below that will justify why people pay $20 for getting access to the innumerable feature of the software.

Fast yet simple: The interface of this downloader is extremely simple so anyone can use it. Because of the efficiency of the software, you won’t be facing any kind of lagging when you are saving any sort of media files in your device by using this downloader.

High quality: When you are downloading a video from YouTube by using this downloader you will be provided with multiple options of video quality ranging from 144 pixels to at most 1080 pixels. Ultra HD options are also available.

Infinite downloading: When it comes to downloading videos by using this software there is no particular last count. Here you are also getting the access to several videos which are not allowed for downloading by Google team.

Save your playlist: If you are thinking of saving an entire playlist then you can also do it with the help of Airy downloader. One will just need to copy the link of the playlist and then paste it on the box and you will be able to save the entire playlist in your device.

The integrity of the browser: If you want to opt for the fast downloading option then you will have to integrate this downloader into the browser. It will not only be faster but will also be easier. You will have to bookmark Airy option and whenever you need to download any video you will just have to click on it and the downloading process will start.

Videos with subtitles: The best part of this Airy downloader is it will allow you to download any YouTube video along with subtitles. You will have to download the video and save it in SRT format which is also supported by maximum players.

Different types of the link at one time: The software will provide you with an option of easily copying and pasting the link of several videos on the platform. This feature will enable you to save different types of YouTube videos on Windows or Mac devices.

Steps on starting the downloader of Airy YouTube designed for Windows and Mac user

When it comes to using Airy then it is very simple and anyone with basic knowledge can use it by following the steps mentioned in the section below.

  1. The first step will be to download this downloader of Airy YouTube in your device.
  2. After the completion of the download process, you will have to install this software on the device.
  3. For running this software you will have to purchase the plan which falls under the premium section of Airy YouTube.
  4. When you will be opting for the premium plan then you will have to pay a cost of $20.
  5. After making the payment you will be getting the license key.
  6. With the help of this key, you will have to register your own account. This key will act as the authorization key.
  7. After you enter its license key on the software you will be able to avail the facilities.
  8. You will have to open the YouTube video and then copy its link.
  9. Now you will have to enter the search box and paste on it and click for search.
  10. The software will start to search for this video.
  11. After the video comes into the suggestion all you have to do is select the download button which will help you to save this video on the device.