Snow Leopard glitch means Windows 7 runs faster – on Macs

The brand new 27″ iMac is suffering from major problems with video graphics while Windows 7 operating on the same machines is working fine.

According to Apple bulletin boards, users started to notice that their Macs’ pretty screens were running movies in browsers that were choppier than the North Sea in winter.

With no help from Apple, Mac Fans have been trying to piece together what could be causing such a kerfuffle. Initially the thought was that it was probably some cheap Chinese component which was failing or overheating.

However when Windows 7 appeared on the scene and users started installing it using Boot Camp, they discovered, much to their horror, that the Microsoft product was driving their iMacs better. 

The conclusion can only be that it is a driver problem within Snow Leopard which is not controlling the big iMacs’ graphics hardware properly.

But one user thought his 27″ iMac was having major performance issues and not just with Flash. iPhoto slideshow transitions are choppy, Pandora streaming music skips and cracks up, game performance is slow, iMovie videos are crap (audio and video lags) – it’s a real mess.

He said he had sat with Apple Care for hours, cleaned up libraries, zapped the PRAM, reinstalled the OS; but it’s still not fixed.  He thinks they are just defective.