Skype says it’s getting better all the time

Skype says it is currently in the process of “addressing” a “configuration problem” that unceremoniously disconnected a number of users from the popular service.

“We are seeing indications that the situation is improving,” Skype rep Peter Parkes wrote in an official blog post.

“If you were disconnected from Skype earlier, you shouldn’t need to manually sign back in to Skype – it should reconnect automatically when it’s able to do so. We apologize for the disruption to your conversations.”

Earlier this morning, Parkes confirmed the mass disconnects, claiming a “small number” of users (*cough*) may have experienced problems signing in to Skype.

It should be noted that Skype suffered a massive outage last December, which was caused by the failure of thousands of “supernodes” tasked with aggregating and routing traffic. This was supposedly triggered by a software update. 

About a week ago, there was yet another outage. Though somewhat less widespread, it lasted for most of a day.