Samsung opens app store in Europe

Following a well-worn path, Samsung is launching its own online app store in Europe on 14 September.

The Samsung Application Store will offer over 300 native applications, including games, references, social networking, e-books and health-related tools – and says it hopes to get that number up to 2,000 by the end of the year.

It will initially launch in the UK, France and Italy. More than 30 other countries will be added in time, including Germany and Spain. It’s also working on opening up in Asia and North America, but doesn’t say when.

To start with, the store will only be accessible to Omnia and I8910 HD users, but the company promises that others will get access later on. The store will automatically suggest the right applications for the user’s model of phone.

Omnia users can get access by downloading and installing a mobile client from the apps website; I8910 HD users can click the Application Download icon on their phone.