Samsung deals with MTV for exclusive Galaxy Tab app

If you want to be able to irritate people wherever you go, get a Samsung Galaxy Tab, because it comes with a new, exclusive MTV app allowing you to watch Jersey Shore anytime, anywhere.

The new app is being described by MTV as its “first, bespoke, content-led application for mobile devices.” Sure, it sounds like a really big qualifier, but it is actually big news.

The Galaxy Tab needs content to be able to succeed, and this is actually a formidable piece of content. The exclusivity pact is huge.

Here’s what the Touch MTV app will come with by default:

· One episode each of 5 shows:  The Hills, Jersey Shore, The Dudesons, Pimp My Ride and Cribs

· Regularly updated news and competitions, such as the chance to win tickets to multiple MTV events and gigs across Europe.

The app is coming pre-installed on every Galaxy Tab device, as are other pieces of fresh content – including the first Galaxy Tab games, from Gameloft.

Samsung has been leveraging its partnerships with content providers a lot more greatly as of late. It just recently announced its brand new multimedia storefront, allowing owners of Samsung devices to buy movies, TV shows, and music directly from the manufacturer of the device.

“Samsung and MTV have taken strategic partnerships to a whole new level.  Combining the Samsung GALAXY Tab’s unique design with MTV’s bespoke entertainment solution, the customer experience is enriched and more advanced giving us a competitive advantage,” said Samsung marketing manager Lenka Horakova.