Salesforce uses Twitter app to help companies find help-seekers

Chicago (IL) – Today, announced a new customer-relationship management application designed for Twitter. The application looks to aid companies in finding customers who browse the Twitter community searching for solutions to problems rather than calling up their customer service center.

The Twitter application would allow companies to both find and retain customers who are more apt to search the social networking channels for aid due to poor past experiences with call centers and the like.

Within Salesforce, customer service representatives can search the Twittersphere for tweets concerning their products and companies. Once found, they can Tweet back to individuals citing issues regarding their problems or concerns, such as URLs to solutions page, web chats, customer call centers, etc.

This service will cost companies $995 a month for access, and will allow five agents and five business partners to provide support for 250 customers. As Twitter is free to users, the community will pay no direct fees to utilize the service.

This new social networking approach to helping customers adds to call centers, e-mail and chat support by allowing customers to use multiple venues for their self-help communication.

Currently Dell, Comcast and Orange, the European telecom company have adopted the Twitter application.