Rumor: Final Cut Pro update coming next week

It looks like Apple is finally ready for a new version of Final Cut Pro.

The company’s video editing software is starting to look outdated after more than a year without a major overhaul, but luckily for the Apple fanatics, it looks like that may soon change.

According to the latest rumors, a major update to the program will be unveiled next week at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas.

The NAB event is where cable and satellite companies come together to discuss programming news, but it has also become an important technology event to showcase the latest in video editing, distribution technologies, and other issues like DRM.

Final Cut Pro actually made its debut at NAB back in 1998, so announcing a new version there would make sense. The first version to hit retail shelves was released a year later, in 1999.

The last time a new version was released was in July 2009, making it due for a refresh, especially with numerous advancements to the industry within the last year alone.

In terms of what the software will bring to the table, it sounds like it will be presented in a 64-bit version for the first time, there will be an interface overhaul, and a complete restructuring on the back end.