Pulse iPad app is in… out… in at the Apple App Store

On Monday, in his WWDC keynote speech, Steve Jobs singled out an RSS reader as an example of a great new app for the iPad. On Tuesday, it got pulled from the App Store. Now, it’s back again.

The $3.99 app, called Pulse, is a visual RSS readers for news headlines, which renders stories from multiple sources on a clean movable mosaic. It was created by Alphonso Labs  – founded by two Stanford graduate students – in five weeks flat.

But apparently, the Times Company news organisation wasn’t happy, and complained to Apple, which promptly pulled it from the store. Its complaint was based on the fact that the app was using the Nytimes.com and Boston.com free RSS feeds, reframing the content, and then charging a fee.

“We want to be clear that we are willing to work with Pulse, but only under our terms of use,” Robert Christie, a spokesman for the Times Company, said in the New York Times.

But the app is now back, with no explanation from Apple, although there are a couple of theories. CNET reckons it was a mistake; All Things D says it’s a new version which removes the New York Times as a default feed.