Psystar clones Apple’s Snow Leopard

San Francisco, Calif. Psystar has confirmed that it will support Snow Leopard on all new Mac clones. The controversial manufacturer explained that it had developed “new virtualization technologies” to allow its computers to interface with OS X like “never before.”

However, Psystar warned current customers against installing Snow Leopard until their technicians could “ensure” a safe upgrade.

“We ask you not attempt to install the new OS X as it may cause harm to your computer, resulting in a possible re-installation of Leopard OS 10.5 and a loss of data,” Psystar wrote in an official blog post. “As with all previous software updates to the OS, Psystar meticulously tests and retests all software updates to confirm their compatibility with older Psystar machines. We will be releasing information on upgrading your Psystar computer to OS X Snow Leopard soon. The ability to do so may depend on when your system was purchased, and upgrade costs may vary.”

Unsurprisingly, Psystar’s decision to support the new version of OS X antagonized an already furious Club Cupertino.  

According to Groklaw, Apple has demanded that a California judge order a 30 day “re-opening of discovery” so that it can obtain Psystar’s (modified) Snow Leopard-related source code. Apple also emphasized that Snow Leopard 10.6 could not run without 10.5 as a “pre-requisite.”

Psystar, meanwhile, has accused Apple of attempting to “draw a veil of secrecy” over ongoing litigation between the two parties.

“That is why so many documents of interest to the computer industry have had to be filed under seal and made available only in heavily redacted form, despite the widespread interest in the case among members of the public and the media that a simple Google search reveals,” Psystar’s lawyer wrote in a court document obtained by Groklaw.

“Engaging with the press in this way is Psystar’s right, both under the protective order and as a constitutional matter. Neither Psystar nor I plan to violate the protective order; neither Psystar nor I have violated the protective order; and Apple’s suggestion to the contrary is unprofessional in the extreme.”

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