Pearltrees wants you to broadcast web content

A new version of Pearltrees is now live for eager social curators on the ‘Net.

As TG Daily previously reported, Pearltrees embeds a significant amount of supplemental information related to a post in a way that is easy to navigate, while giving users a chance to preview content in a more comprehensive manner.

Star Trek“Obviously, it would be pretty difficult to find all of this content in any reasonable amount of time using Google or another search tool,” Pearltrees rep Oliver Starr told TG Daily.

According to Starr, beta 0.8.4. includes three new features which enable curators to “massively broadcast” their content throughout the web by:

  • Connecting Twitter and Facebook accounts – Allows users to broadcast links they pearl and pearltrees they create.
  • Crowd-sourcing – Share content on nearly any topic, as users simply pick pearltrees curated by others.

  • Embeddable code – Display curated content in code, helping users “pearl” data directly from embedded pearltrees for future references.

“This latest announcement indicates Pearltrees has moved from focusing on collection and organization aspects of content curation to giving curators the means to share the content they’ve curated as broadly as possible,” explained Starr.

“Of course, Pearltrees is still the best way to organize, discover and broadcast the stuff one likes on the web. Currently, the 150,000 members of the Pearltrees community have organized over 7 million pearls and 1 million trees. Every day the teams made of returning users share their passions on subjects as varied as politics, the world, philosophy, games, cinema, music, food and almost anything else imaginable.”

Additional info about PearlTrees can be found here and here.