Orbitz iPad app lets travelers book hotels

In a bad economy more people are deciding to give up airline travel for road trips, meaning that they will most likely need on the go travel tools.

You may hate hearing it, but there’s an app for that.


According to Reuters, the mega travel company Orbitz has released an app which boasts that it is the only online travel company iPad app to support GPS-powered mobile research and hotel bookings.


Barney Harford, the CEO of Orbitz, said that the new app was coded “from the ground up to take advantage of iPad’s format and interface.”


He also said that it will let customers search for, compare, and book hotels easily.


While creating the app Orbitz considered its survey results which showed that most of the people surveyed said that their mobile device was the most helpful for planning activities once they reached their destination. One-third said that they find it most helpful before they leave.


And only 15 percent said that their mobile device was most helpful for booking trips. It’s also interesting to note that, more than one-quarter of men claimed they had booked travel with a mobile device, compared to eight percent of women.


Orbitz also discovered that mobile device users are many times more likely to book same-day accommodations than people who use the original website.


The app has hotels at thousands of places worldwide available on Orbitz’ website, which has 10 million visitors a month, and sifts through hotels by price, ratings or location.


It also gives users the ability to locate nearby hotels by using the iPad’s GPS capabilities, and to compare hotels and prices on an interactive map.


The early reviews give the app credit for its accuracy, imagery and clarity, and functionality. The Orbitz Hotels app is available for free at the App Store. Travel well dear users.