Opera 10 adds web turbo boost

Following beta update after update, Opera Software has today released the final version of Opera 10.

The big highlight, as expected, is Opera Turbo, new compression technology for slow connections which the company claims enables broadband-like speeds by instantly compressing pages. Opera says that in its own lab tests, Turbo provided up to eight times higher speeds.

“Opera Turbo is our newest innovation, and one we think everyone should try, because we all will face a slow connection at some point,” said Jon von Tetzchner, Opera’s CEO. “Now, there is a solution, and it is absolutely free.”

There’s also a new interface – ‘elegant’ and ‘fresh’, in Opera’s own words, and a new tab system. The tab bar can be resized by pulling down on it or double-clicking the handle, and users can view full thumbnails of all open tabs.

Speed Dial (as seen in Google’s Chrome browser) has been improved, and now offers the option of a 5×5 grid for large monitors, as well as other sizes. There’s also a spell check and a new thread reader for emails.

Web developers get a new version of Opera Dragonfly, the cmpany’s set of on-board, Web-development tools which now allows them to edit the DOM and inspect HTTP headers.

Opera’s not doing badly in the browser market, with about three percent – similar to Google and Apple. But it’s a long, long way behind Microsoft and Mozilla. It’s mostly popular in Eastern Europe, and on mobile handsets.

Opera 10 comes in 43 languages for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is available free here.