Nvidia: Windows 7 "dramatically improves" GPU performance

Nvidia has welcomed the official debut of Microsoft Windows 7. A
company spokesperson explained that the new operating system will
significantly accelerate system
performance by using the DirectCompute API to optimize the GPU for
both graphics and computing.

“This enables not only more visual and interactive experiences but also the speed and responsiveness that customers want,” said Nvidia spokesperson Brian Burke. “We believe DirectCompute will take GPU computing from a niche to the mainstream by making this technology available to the millions of users of the Windows 7 operating system.”

Burke also noted that Nvidia was “excited” about DirectX 11, which will be the “API of choice” for a number of top gaming titles in 2010.

“Nvidia’s recently announced DirectX 11 Fermi architecture will be well aligned with these new gaming titles. But, power gaming with Windows 7 extends beyond new visual effects,” added Burke. “Today’s gamers demand more interactive experiences and the technologies that make up Power Gaming are set to deliver a new level of immersion that will transform the gaming industry for years to come, such as 3D Vision, PhysX and SLI.”

Industry analyst Jon Peddie expressed similar sentiments.

“Despite rumors to the contrary, research shows that PC gaming is growing at a rapid pace,” stated Peddie. “Superior graphics, stereoscopic 3D, and advanced physics are features that differentiate the Nvidia GeForce gaming experience from gaming consoles and other PC components.”