Nvidia submits OpenCL drivers for certification

San Jose (CA) – That was quick. Nvidia said that it has submitted v1.0 drivers to support Apple’s OpenCL GPU acceleration spec to the Khronos OpenCL Working Group for certification. The pre-release driver was announced in late April.

Nvidia said that the drivers for Windows XP and Linux were submitted for certification immediately after the conformance tests were approved. The non-certified pre-release driver is still available to all Nvidia GPU Computing registered developers.

We haven’t heard from AMD’s ATI team and the status of the Radeon OpenCL driver, but it seems that Nvidia has now an advantage in this field, even if the certification is limited to Windows XP and Linux. There isn’t much software out to support OpenCL acceleration and the most important one will likely be Apple’s Snow Leopard Mac OS X, scheduled for release later this year. Nvidia did not say when it will have an OpenCL driver for Mac OS X.
Nvidia said that its OpenCL 1.0 drivers will support all GPU’s based on the CUDA architecture.