Nvidia has an AXE to grind

That nice chap and top graphics analyst Jon Peddie no doubt finds himself right now embroiled in the awful Consumer Electronics Show in glitzy Las Vegas.

But before he got on the plane to his destination, he sent out news of his newsletter, Techwatch, and of how Nvidia presented at Siggraph Asia 2009.

Said Peddie: “Nvidia took advantage of the conference to promote its AXE (application acceleration engine) initiative.” Those, it seems, are APIs that “exploit” the NVDA GPU and let application developers add new things.

AXE – yeah AXE – includes OptiX ray tracing, Scenix for 3D scene graphs, and Complex that scales performance across multiple graphics processors. And of course, yeah, Physx.

Techwatch also has lots of interesting stuff with contributions from AMD supremo Dirk Meyer, and others.

Nvidia appears to be backing the Khronos API for multiprocessor applications, Techwatch continues. You can read all about it here. No doubt Nvidia will have lots to say tomorrow, at CES.