Now you never need see Charlie Sheen again

Some people just have to swim against the current. And while it seems most of us just can’t get enough of reading about that exemplar of tolerance and good taste, Charlie Sheen, others are not so enthusiastic.

And it’s these poor misguided souls that are the target audience for a new app, Tinted Sheen, which blocks all mention of the stunningly talented actor. Even ordinary words which have become associated with Sheen – ‘winning’, for example – will also be blacked out.

Two weeks ago, Sheen’s stream of bons mots netted him more Twitter followers in his first 24 hours with the site than anyone else. He’s now got over two million.

“Sorry Charlie, but it is time to leave the internet and go back to your porn family. Let this be the hangover cure for the #winning buzz from which everyone is still recovering,” say its developers, the Free Art and Technology Lab – ‘dedicated to enriching the public domain one mutha-fuckin LOL at a time’, they say.

It’s based on the Shaved Bieber app, created by Gred Leuch, which has done so much to save peoples’ sanity over the last year.

The add-on works with Firefox and Chrome, and then blocks out Sheen’s name and pictures wherever they occur.

The app, which has already been downloaded over 7,000 times, is available here.