Nokia debuts mobile video tagging app

If you’re like me, you have a closet filled with VHS and DVD home movies labeled with masking tape and Sharpie.

Finding a particular moment within these movies, (especially for editing purposes) is practically impossible, which is perhaps why Nokia labs created Shoot and Tag.

The experimental prototype system is designed to make navigation to a particular point in a mobile-shot movie simple.

For example, let’s say you’re recording your friends dancing.

At that point in the song where you friend falls on his face and splits his pants, the application will recognize the change and automatically tag that segment so you can later navigate back to the exact point of pants splitting action.

The application basically acts like a DVD chapter system, but is designed specifically for mobile video. Although the app automatically tags a mobile video, you can also manually tag the video with one click at points to remember.

As shooting mobile video becomes more prevalent, filming and editing tools like Shoot and Tag are essential. The application allows users to review segments shot earlier and jump to particular scenes for faster editing and discovery.

The app is still in the prototype phase but interested users can download it from Nokia’s Beta Labs.