New tool offers instant Outlook translations

There’s a new add-on for Outlook that lets users write an e-mail and send it to anyone in the world.

The recipient, pretty much no matter where he or she is from, will receive the message in his or her respective language.

It’s powered by a company called Ortsbo, which first brought this technology to an online chat platform that instantly translates between more than 50 languages.

Unlike some Web-based services, users can translate between any of the available languages. Other online tools, for example, let users translate from English to Russian and English to French, but not French to Russian.

Ortsbo held a press conference in New York City this morning, where it demonstrated the live chat technology with a panel of soccer players, inviting the chat to people all over the world.

Participants from Saudi Arabia, Brazil, the Philippines, and Russia, among other countries, were able to speak directly to some of their favorite soccer players in a way that hasn’t really been possible before.

But this all required the use of Ortsbo’s proprietary online platform. Now, the company has expanded to a more universal platform – Microsoft Outlook.

Using the same algorithms, which Ortsbo says are better than anything else on the market, users can now e-mail practically anyone on the planet, even if they only speak one language.

Simply type your e-mail in whatever language you want, then select the language of the recipient, and Ortsbo does the rest.

It’s called O4O (Ortsbo For Outlook) and is available now from