New Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Elements add Facebook support

Adobe has just released the latest versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, adding among many new features the ability to post content directly to Facebook.

Adobe’s “Elements” software is designed for entry-level users who want a powerful media editing tool but don’t know how to manipulate sophisticated software controls. Photoshop Elements 9, for example, will now let users click on an object in the background to remove it without distorting the rest of the picture. Additionally, there’s new functionality for how to export pictures: users can create calendars or greeting cards, upload to Flickr or Facebook, and print out customized photo books.

On the Premiere side of thing, Adobe’s video editing software, Elements 9 adds improved HD support, audio optimization (background noise removal, easier volume mixing), new transition and animation effects, and more professional menu themes for DVD burns. It’s also a bit easier to import video from digital cameras.

Both software titles are available for around $100 each, or as a bundle for $150. They are available now and should be available at your local software retailer.