MySpace generation too shy for real world

London, UK – More than a third of young British MySpace users find it easier to talk online than face-to-face.

In a finding that confirms every cliché about repressed Brits, the MySpace survey concluded that 36 percent of those between 14 and 21 found it easier to communicate online and felt they shared more information about themselves that way.

Nearly three-quarters of the 16,000 young people polled said they felt left out in real life – although 43 percent cited having a good group of friends as the most important factor in their future happiness.

More than four out of five reported moving between four or more different groups of friends as they found it more and more difficult to be accepted.

Rebekah Horne, MySpace Europe managing director, had a positive spin on the findings. She said: “This study shows us to what extent young people are using online as a way to explore and settle into their burgeoning identities.”