Mozilla preps Firefox 3.6 with beta test build

Mozilla has released an Alpha version of Firefox 3.6 for developers and testers. The build – known as Namoroka – is built on a pre-release version of the Gecko 1.9.2 platform.

According to Mozilla, Namoroka introduces several new features, such as faster speeds for the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, startup and responsiveness improvements “throughout” the application, as well as additional CSS3 properties.

Firefox 3.6 is also expected to support jump lists, or shortcut menus found on an application’s taskbar icon in Windows 7. The list will reportedly offer links to a user’s most frequently visited sites, along with the option to launch a new browser window.

Finally, Namoroka will be capable of displaying thumbnail images of every open browser tab by utilizing Windows 7’s Aero Peek feature.

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