Mozilla kicks off browser-based gaming campaign

Mozilla has kicked off a Web-oriented gaming campaign in an apparent effort to compete with Google’s upcoming Chrome OS and Marketplace.

According to Mozilla’s Pascal Finette, the initiative will actively encourage the coding, delivery and playing of games on the Open Web and browser.

“We want to explore the wider set of technologies which make immersive gaming on the Open Web possible,” Finette wrote in an official blog post.

“[So], we invite the wider community to play with cool, new tech and aim to help establish the Open Web as the platform for gaming across all your Internet connected devices.”

He explained that Modern Open Web offered devs a “complete stack” of technologies, including Open Video, audio, WebGL, touch events, device orientation, geo location and fast JavaScript engines. 

“With these technologies being delivered through modern browsers today, the time is ripe for pushing the platform. 

“And what better way than through games? Traditionally games and game developers have been at the forefront of technology, often pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible,” added Finette. 

Meanwhile, Google Chrome senior product manager Anders Sandholm told TechRadar that the browser-based OS would be “focused” on netbooks, rather than touchscreen tablet devices.

“What we are focusing on is netbooks in terms of form-factor and providing a really good experience for that…[But what] we want more than anything for Chrome OS to be a good experience,” said Sandholm.

“Installing the Chrome browser is easy, it’s easy to use, fast and secure and we built those things into it. [Similarly], with Chrome OS, we want it to be easy to use, fast and, in terms of security, more secure in the [processes] that an operating system deals with.”