Mozilla finally loses all credibility

Opinion – You couldn’t make this stuff up. The Mozilla Corporation – and never was the word ‘corporation’ applied to such an undeserving bunch of spineless no-hopers – is now whingeing that Microsoft’s Browser ballot screen – exactly what they and their friends in the European Union have been demanding all along – is no longer sufficient.

Well, please excuse me while I throw up. How much longer are we expected to put up with these whining scumbags who patently cannot compete on a level playing field, but demand that commercial operations give their competitors higher billing than their own products?

It beggars belief that Mozilla’s Mitchell Baker has the gall to say that the MS ballot screen giving Windows 7 users the option of setting up Firefox, or any other browser instead, was ‘not enough to level the playing field’.

Here’s a spot of free, open source, advice for Ms Baker – the world does not owe your sadly-inadequate operation a living. If you can’t win the hearts and minds of ordinary web users by offering a demonstrably superior product, perhaps you should give up and give us all a break from your tragic failure to compete on the world stage.

Spending your development and marketing dollars on lawyers and lobbyists rather than producing a superior product is, quite simply, pathetic. Microsoft has done everything the EU and the freeloaders at Mozilla have demanded, but even that isn’t enough. This situation is now nothing less than absurd. Microsoft does not need to give your third rate browser top billing on the ballot screen and nor should it.

Fight your own battles, you pathetic weasels. Don’t rely on lawyers and politicians to do it for you. Why the hell should Microsoft give your product top billing over its own browser? If you want preferential treatment, build your own damned operating system and make it as popular among ordinary users as Windows.

Why are you not moaning about Apple and its monopolistic bundling of Safari? Why are you not whining about Google’s upcoming Chrome OS? Any company that uses lawyers rather than technical excellence to make a dollar deserves to die.

The really stupid thing about this whole affair is that absolutely no one other than a tiny handful of geeks either knows or cares what browser they use. Mozilla has lost what little credibility it ever had.

I’m calling you out, Baker. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being, working for a pathetic excuse of an organisation.