Mozilla details Firefox 4 specs

Apparently speed does matter. And that is why Mozilla’s next-gen Firefox browser will be taking on Google’s blazingly fast Chrome with a “super-duper” JägerMonkey JavaScript engine.

According to VP of engineering Mike Beltzner, Firefox 4 is also expected to  include new, open standard web technologies for HTML5 “and beyond.”

In addition, the browser will offer support for Direct 2D, 64-bit, along with a redesigned UI and improved tab organization. 

“Usually software producers don’t present these sorts of plans in public until they’re finalized, but Mozilla is a little different,” explained Beltzner.

“We work in the open, socializing our plans early and often to gather feedback and build excitement in our worldwide community.”

Meanwhile, ZDNet’s Larry Dignan observed that Chrome’s success has proven to Mozilla that “thin is in.”

“Minimalist matters. The challenge for established browsers like IE and Firefox is that they have to slim down a bit. However, that’s easier said than done when you have a bunch of plug-ins, add-ons and an established user base you can’t afford to alienate,” wrote Dignan.

“It’s far easier to stay in shape than it is to fall out of shape and recover. Firefox is in that latter camp, a slightly plump browser that aims to be as buff as a sprinter—even ‘super-duper fast’ in its next version.”