Mooee launches new GPS ball-tracking app for golfers

Mooee has announced that their GolfSites App for the iPhone is now available on the App Store. If you’re a golfer you can use it to help you find your balls.

Seriously though, the app is designed by golfers for golfers and it brings advanced golf GPS and ball-tracking features to users. It will help the technology savvy golfer to navigate around the course and measure their game.


One of the main features of the GolfSites App is Ball Path Tracking. By pressing the stroke button every time you hit a ball, GolfSites recalls where you’ve hit from and it can calculate the ball path for each of your shots during a round of golf.


This nifty app also has an advanced Location Scoring System. This means that each time you log your shot from the course; the app will add it to your score. It also records distance and club selection. This lets you to play your game while the app tracks and archives your performance.


The GolfSites App was created so that it can be used in international play. If you travel to another country, all you have to do is download the course before you leave, and you will have all the information, including aerial and GPS data, for that course at your fingertips.  And no data roaming is necessary during play, pretty awesome.


Here’s a list of the GolfSites App features:

•    Courses for GolfSites. Thousands of courses worldwide. First five courses are free. All courses are created and programmed by experienced golfers and not by computers. Additional courses are available through In-App Purchase.

•    Marker Distances. GolfSites provides distances to key markers on each golf course.

•    Ball Path Tracking.  

•    Location Scoring System.  

•    No data roaming necessary during play.  

•    Statistics. Full swing average distance, GIR, FIR, putts performance, scoring averages and recovery performances.  

•    Simplified Layup. There’s a radar overlay of 50 yards increments so you can spot the perfect location for your next shot.

•    Stableford Scoring. Calculates your Stableford points during play.

The GolfSites App can be purchased for $19.99 from the App Store on the iPhone here. The first five courses are free, and additional courses are available for $0.99 through the app.

This is definitely an interesting app, it sounds like it could really help some golfers improve their game. It’s surprising to see that the app helps you track your balls without the use of a specialized ball. It makes one wonder about how well it will actually work.

I’ll try anything as long as it means I don’t have to look at my dad’s balls when he takes a shot anymore, find your own balls old man.