Microsoft’s Bing strikes fear into Google founders

Google is so rattled by the introduction of Microsoft’s revamped search engine Bing that it’s pulling all the stops out to offer new features in its own engine.

The unlikely tale was reported in the New York Post, in an article which claims that Sergey Brin, one of the co-founders of Google, has injected a note of urgency by putting together engineers to work on a retaliatory “skunk farm”.

And, the same tale goes, Brin and a team of engineers are looking closely at Bing to see the differences between its closely guarded algorithms and Microsoft’s.

Bing has little chance, however, of toppling Google from its search summit. Microsoft has tried, tried and tried again to topple the search giant.

Microsoft came late to the Internet ball in any case – it originally didn’t think the Internet would be an important feature for end users, so lagged behind pure play net companies like Netscape for quite some time.

It’s pretty clear that Google is just not going to go away, and that means Microsoft will stoically soldier on attempting to gain market share from the search monopolist. The New York Post article is here.