Microsoft’s Bing hits the road with new Travel feature

Los Angeles (CA) – Microsoft has added a new travel feature to its recently launched search engine.

Bing Travel has a simple goal: help people make smarter, more informed decisions regarding travel,” spun Microsoft spokesperson Hugh Crean. “Travelers face plenty of challenges — from airport security and luggage restrictions to finding their hotel in an unknown city or trying to speak a foreign language. Researching and booking travel should be simple and easy, and now Bing Travel is here to help.”

According to Crean, Bing Travel combines many of the airfare and hotel tools from the company’s 2008 acquisition of Farecast with news and editorial content from MSN Travel. The service will also offer a price and rate “predictor,” along with real-time travel deals and fare alerts.   

However, Microsoft did concede that a summer vacation wasn’t an “option” for everyone this year.

“But for those with even a modest travel budget, it will go a long way this year,” opined Bing Travel Fareologist Joel Grus. “We also encourage people to shift how they think about a summer vacation. Instead of flying to Mexico or Hawaii, consider taking advantage of incredibly low hotel rates in a city nearby. Anyone who is creative, flexible and a little savvy can find a trip to fit almost any budget.”

Grus explained that airfare was down nearly 23 percent, while US hotel rates have decreased by approximately 16 percent on average and as much as 33 percent in some cities.