Microsoft’s Bing bangs into action

The weirdly named Bing is now up and running in another Microsoft bid to dig into Google’s search engine supremacy.

Bing does not represent the rigid polyurethane insulation industry in Europe.

Bing does not refer to Bing Crosby and has nothing to do with dreaming of a White Christmas.

Bing, instead, according to CEO Steve Ballmer revealing the Bing at a conference today, was chosen as a name because it’s all about search. Going to won’t help for a few days until Microsoft properly rolls it out. It will go worldwide on June 3rd.

Bing, previously called Kumo, and no relation to Perry Kumo (Como), is Microsoft’s attempt to catch a falling star and put it in Ballmer’s pocket.

Bing me sunshine. Bing me Ballmer. Bing me love.