Microsoft throws book at software counterfeiters

Software giant Microsoft started a number of cases against companies it alleges have distributed counterfeit and infringing software.

One example case is against Kiev Camera USA Inc and Mikhail Fourman, an individual, alleged to have distributed illegal software in Atlanta, in Georgia, and on the internet.

Other cases include actions against BC Tech Gear, Dallas Computer Parts, The Computer Shop also known as, Seifelden Electronics, Royal Distribution, and Viosoftware Corporation.

Today Microsoft said it also launched education and enforcement actions in over 70 countries. It said the majority of enforcement cases came from tips and reports from consumers.

It said it had had over 150,000 voluntary reports in the past two years from people unknowingly buying counterfeit software, “often riddled with viruses or malware”.

It quoted a report by Media Surveillance that said that of several hundred pirated and hacked copies of Windows, 32 percent included malware.

Microsoft has an interactive map showing what it’s doing worldwide, at this address.