Microsoft men have more friends

Microsoft employees are the most sociable on the web, according to analyst NetProspex, with nearly five times as many friends as IBMers.

The company looked at the social media membership, frequency of posts and number of friends of over 100,000 staffers at Fortune 1000 companies.

Microsoft execs scored a rating of 306, follwed by eBay with 208 and Amazon with 202. Walt Disney was next, at 181, with Google following on 172.

At the bottom of the top 50 comes Coca-Cola on 65, with GE and IBM on 67.

Microsoft also has the biggest Twitter presence – based on number of followers, number following and number of tweets – getting a score of 176, compared with just 32 for Google and 40 for Apple.

But it seems these high flyers are just too important for Twitter.

“It came as no surprise that Linkedin was the most popular site among the top corporations in America with 43 percent of employees having a membership on the popular business networking site,” says NetProspex. “Facebook is a distant second at 11 percent, with Twitter starting to gain traction with three percent.”

Apparently men are more popular – or more inclined to waste time, take your pick – showing 19 percent more social networking activity than women.