Microsoft invites 10,000 more users to Intune cloud beta

After a better-than-expected initial reception to its latest cloud computing project, Microsoft is expanding its beta program for Intune to include 10,000 more users.

Intune is designed for small to mid-sized companies that allows one host console to manage every other computer in the business, allowing remote monitoring, updating, and managing.

The console itself is connected to Microsoft’s servers through the cloud, and it allows companies to have more flexibility than a typical office environment that requires all of the machines to be in the same local network.

The beta expansion was announced at today’s Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference in Washington.

The Intune beta began in April and to date has been tested by 1,500 users. When the service goes live next year, Microsoft plans to charge $11 per seat per month.

Microsoft’s other cloud computing service, Azure, is still in the forefront, but Intune provides something that is more reasonable for smaller clients.