Microsoft in Photoshop scandal

Redmond (WA) – Microsoft has apologized for removing a black person from a picture on its Polish site and replacing him with an unidentified caucasian male.

Software giant Microsoft was reeling today after it was revealed that a picture on its Polish website was doctored to remove a black person and substitute him with a white male model.

As reported everywhere, Microsoft was forced to apologise after a Polish version of the company’s ad had a black man’s head replaced with the head of a white man. The image alteration of the picture was making rounds on the forums last night and Microsoft pulled the picture today.

“We are looking into the details of this situation,” said a Microsoft spokesman in a statement. “We apologise and are in the process of pulling down the image.”

Luckily, TG Daily managed to grab a copy of the shocking picture before it was downed. Image processing experts describe the fake as ‘extremely sophisticated’ and it was only by chance that the edit job was noticed. 

“It just goes to show you can’t be too careful,” said one under terms of strict anonymity.