Microsoft attacked over Windows 7 ‘sins’

Boston, MA – The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has launched a scathing attack on Microsoft and Windows 7.

The organisation, which campaigns for open source software, lists seven ‘deadly sins’ that the company is committing against its users by creating proprietary software such as Windows 7.

Microsoft is poisoning education, it says, by ensuring that most children are taught overwhelmingly to use its software. It’s also invading privacy by inspecting the content of users’ hard drives.

It engages in monopoly behaviour, says the FSF, by pre-installing Windows, as well as lock-ins by removing support for older versions.
Number five is abusing standards: “Microsoft has attempted to block free standardization of document formats, because standards like OpenDocument Format would threaten the control they have now over users via proprietary Word formats,” says the document. “They have engaged in underhanded behavior, including bribing officials, in an attempt to stop such efforts.”

Enforcing digital restrictions management(DRM) is also a sin, says the FSF, as is threatening user security by allowing vulnerabilities.

The group is sending a letter to top executives at Fortune 500 companies asking them to switch to open source software, and is also planning a rally in Boston at noon today.

Microsoft hasn’t yet responded to a request for comment.