Microsoft accused of fear, uncertainty and antitrust doubt

The giant of software companies, which bestraddles the globe like the Colossus bestraddled Rhodes, has backed off from an oral hearing in European Union capital Brussels.

The hearings were supposed to happen between June 3rd and June 5th but Microsoft canned those dates because the right EU people weren’t going to be around for the hearing. Microsoft has asked for new dates, but new dates aren’t yet forthcoming.

But that’s led to charges that Microsoft pulled out because it doesn’t want to face up to terrifying little browser wannabe Opera. According to the Financial Times, Opera pleader Thomas Vinje, Microsoft has backed out because it can’t cope with questions that it, Google, Mozilla, and Symantec might ask.

That’s a charge that Microsoft hasn’t taken lying down.  David Heiner, deputy pleader at Microsoft wrote a lengthy explanation  which includes a plea that many employees at the firm had a “back to the future” moment.

The dates that the EU proposed conflict with a meeting in Zurich, where EU gnomes will be chatting about all sorts of stuff. Meaning that most of the people Microsoft wants to talk to will be in a canton rather than in the Euro Capital, Brussels.