Microsoft accelerates JavaScript with IE9

Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer 9 will offer significantly faster JavaScript performance compared to earlier iterations of the browser.

According to company spokesperson Steven Sinofsky, IE9 is almost on par with Firefox and Chrome – despite having been in development for only a few weeks.

“We know we have a lot of work to do in some areas of performance,” said Sinofsky, who was quoted by Gregg Keizer of Computerworld. “[However], on SunSpider, we’re on par with IE9 [and] getting very close to the other browsers.”

Indeed, previous Computerworld SunSpider benchmarks measured Google’s Chrome as 10 times faster than IE8, while Mozilla’s Firefox outperformed the veteran browser by nearly four times.

?”In the past, Microsoft has pooh-poohed JavaScript benchmarks, calling them nothing more than a ‘browser drag race’ that doesn’t accurately portray real-world use,” wrote Keizer. “Instead, Microsoft has used download tests of the 25 most popular Web destinations to claim IE8 is actually faster than Firefox or Chrome where it counts.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s decision to recognize the importance of optimized JavaScript performance has been welcomed by Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler, who offered his personal “encouragement” to the IE team.

“When any browser improves, the Web improves,” Dotzler wrote in an official blog post. “It looks to me like Microsoft is getting more serious about improving the Web. This is good news and the IE team should be hearing our positive feedback and encouragement.”

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