Man sues Microsoft, Google for $30,000,000

Chicago (IL) – A Utah man is suing Microsoft, Google and Bill Gates for $30,000,000 alleging that his email accounts were blocked by the companies.

Ronnie McDaniel filed the suit in a Utah district court at the end of last week. He claims both Microsoft and Google have shut down his access to email.

In the filing he alleges his outgoing email was “locked up” and his email security breached without his knowledge. He said: “My Internet privacy has been tampered with and my e-mail security has been breached after numerous contacts and pleas ti defendants with no attempt at resolution.”

He wants the court to launch an “investigation into all accounts and circumstances and $30,000,000 in lost revenue from the defendants”.

We doubt Mr McDaniel has a leg to stand on given that the number of other email accounts he could use are legion, and that the problem is more likely to be a technical one rather than a conspiracy between the two major software giants.