Love Tech: Marriage prep app released

Having trouble managing your relationship with your significant other? Now you can rely on an app to help you with matters of the heart.

That’s right, incompetent people everywhere will be happy to know that the world’s first marriage preparation app was just released. It offers detailed discussions, counseling and analysis to help couples deal with the premarital stage before they take the next step, getting married.


The Couplet Premarital App, developed by a licensed psychologist, is available in Apple’s App Store, and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Forget about the science of the mind, serious academics should be concerned with bastardizing their discipline via a one-size-fits-all iPhone app!


Couplet is a fun and attractive way for couples to focus on strengthening their relationship while still engaged, helping them to prepare emotionally for being married, said the app creator L. Sullivan, Ph.D. She’s totally not a hack.


“It is designed to help engaged couples discuss and work through issues that cause nearly 50 percent of U.S. couples to end their marriages,” Dr. Sullivan said. “The Couplet app demonstrates that being engaged is not simply an exercise in event planning — it is about preparing for marriage.”


The app asks fun and insightful questions that help couples discuss important marital topics like communication, family, intimacy and money. Because why learn to have conversations with your future spouse on your own when you can rely on your overvalued smart phone to teach you that too.  


Five weekly beneficial exercises are designed to strengthen relationships. The exercises cover topics like conflict resolution and relationship enhancement.


As an example, in the conflict resolution exercise, the app asks couples to recognize topics that result in conflict. It asks couples to discuss the topic in a non-threatening manner when both are calm, without assigning blame or becoming attacking or defensive. Giving you the ability to say what you couldn’t say before. In a way.


The app also lectures couples that are “opposites,” allowing the couples to identify their differences so that they can learn how to work together for a harmonious relationship.


The Couplet app also analyzes common conflicts in wedding planning, including meddling mothers-in-law and ways the couple can work together to avoid stress over wedding details. There are no details on whether or not spending too many thousands of dollars for one wedding day is one of the stressful issues. Some would say it should be.


This is the first app in a series designed to make psychology accessible and appealing to everyone, said Dr. Sullivan. You can check out the website for her app and see what you think. Maybe apps will replace every valuable service someday.