Lolly Popova says Pure iPorn has a tiny one just for you

San Diego (CA) – Yeah, look. I know I kinda promised not to write about iPhone apps for a while, but when Lolly Popova from the folks at PureiPorn dropped me a line, it seemed churlish to refuse. Anything micro might seem like a bit of a downer for the porn industry, but hey, from small acorns…

PureiPorn’s new 3G content platform features a micro-pay billing engine, streaming video, and live video chat capabilities optimized for the iPhone, allowing adult content providers to capture new revenue and snatch a quickly growing adult mobile audience, it says here.

Apparently, QuickiClips, a 3G adult video download service, allows iPod Touch and iPhone users to revolutionize the portable adult video experience, allowing them to view ultra-fast streaming adult videos, live web cam feeds, and make adult purchases for offline use.

Now you can store an entire adult video collection on an iPhone or iPod Touch. No subscriptions or registrations are required, and users are provided a private, anonymous download site for free. From this online video library users can sync to their device for offline use, share videos with friends, and search their purchases.

“No nonsense, no hassle – just one-click entertainment,” says my new best friend Lolly Popova, VP of PureiPorn. “We’re modeling our platform’s user experience on the hugely successful iTunes pay-as-you-go model.”


QuickiClips allows consumers to access their content 24/7 online and offline through a personal download site, search their adult video library with a real-time search engine, quickly browse an entire adult video library by artist, DVD or genre, create custom playlists for sharing with friends and offline use, stream videos on the go over Wi-Fi and EDGE, watch live web cam feeds and chat with the stars.


“We see the iPhone as the emerging dominant channel for adult content distribution and are pleased to invite high-quality content studios and independent artists to partner with us,” explains the lovely Lolly.

“Partners will be able to take advantage of our micro-pay billing platform, world-class data center operations, and experience specializing in mobile adult delivery and services.”

QuickiClips is coming soon and is scheduled for release on June 19. Regular users may find that, with their eyesight rapidly failing, a portable 42″ plasma display might be a useful iPhone accessory.