Linux market share drops as Win 7 launch looms

Warminster (PA) – OS and browser stats have just been published for August, showing that Windows 7 continues to grow its market share even though it still hasn’t been launched.

Since we reported on the July numbers from the same source, Linux market share has dropped from 2.02 percent to 1.97 percent, while Win7 has grown from 1.24 to 1.69 percent. At this rate it will be surprising if Windows 7 fails to overtake Linux before its official launch on October 22. The figure for all versions of Windows has, however, dropped a tad from 86.56 to 86.44 percent of the market.

OSX has grown a bit too – up to 7.11 from 6.92 percent. Rather more mysteriously, despite being about to bite the big one, Vista continues to grow market share, rising to 22.64 from 21.95 percent last month.

Over on the browser front, Mozilla fans will no doubt be pleased to note that Firefox 3.5 has leapt from 6.56 percent to 13.35 – unsurprising since it has now been officially launched – and that the gain is almost entirely attributable to people upgrading from Firefox 3.0, which has dropped from 23.03 percent to just over 17.

IE8 is up to 15.33 percent – an increase of 2.33 percent from last month. The total for all versions of IE and Firefox are 52.27 and 32.09 percent respectively compared with July’s 52.93 and 31.4 percent.

While last month Chrome and Safari were neck and neck at 3.11 percent apiece, Chrome has risen to 3.23 percent and Safari to 4.35. Opera 9.6 has managed to add 0.01 of a percent, bringing it up to 1.19 percent market share.

W3C’s report was generated on 08/31/2009 based on the last 15,000 page views to each of the 26,629 websites tracked by W3Counter. Check out the W3C numbers here.  

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